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My Why

When asked about my why, I can say simply, “the tears.” Tears of joy and happiness that are so much a part of a wedding day are definitely my why. There is no greater emotion than love and no greater expression of it than the joining of two souls, two lives, and two hearts. When the tears flow at weddings, they are tiny, cherished bits of love pouring out to be shared. Our hearts and minds can hold only so much emotion, the tears are evidence of that emotion.

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When a bride sees her reflection for the first time, after months of planning, dress fittings, hair and makeup trials, and she is finally ready to say “I Do”, I cannot help but feel immense joy as I watch all of her dreams coming true. She is radiant. She is in love. And her life is about to change forever. No longer will she be a solitary creature but she will be part of a greater whole. She will be a part of a union that is stronger because there are now two instead of one. Two lives are about to become inextricably entwined. Like the grains of sand filling the unity vessel, the two lives now will not be distinguishable one from the other.

Photo Credit: Sabrina Greene Photography, Special thanks to Morgan and Dakota Robinson for the use of their photos.

When a bride’s family sees her for the first time, after months of planning and hoping that her every dream will be fulfilled, they see her glowing. They see her happiness. They see her love shining in her eyes. Forever will their lives be changed, not because they are losing a beloved daughter, but gaining a new family member. The light and love of their daughter’s life, the source of her happiness is joining their family. A father’s tears gently fall as he watches his beautiful, little girl, now a grown woman, both poised and elegant, walk toward him in a gown fit for a princess. A mother’s tears as she stares lovingly at her daughter’s reflection and fastens the heirloom pearls around her neck. A grandmother’s tears of delight as she realizes her little angel is carrying her own blue handkerchief. These are timeless moments that the family will forever hold dear. These tears as a daughter is forever changed into a wife, filled with love, joy and happiness are my why.

photo credit: Sabrina Greene Photography

When a groom waits anxiously to see his beloved and his face is an ever changing canvas of emotions as she steps into view for the first time. His face shows joy, hope, and his love for her is glowing through his own tear filled eyes as she makes her approach. All at once he can’t breathe yet knows she is his very breath. He wonders how he could possibly be this blessed as their eyes meet for the first time and she gracefully makes her way toward him. His love for her is reflected in her eyes, shining brightly, he knows that everything is about to change, he knows their union will forge a bond that is unshakeable. She joins him at the altar and he trembles as he takes her hand. Her touch is soft and his is strong. Together they are the perfect compliment. This is my why.

When the officiant pronounces the couple man and wife, they share their first kiss and the eyes of all in attendance are suddenly moist with unshed tears of joy. The bond is sealed and the two are now one. They join hands and hearts and leave the altar completely changed, never again will they be separated. Tears of joy and happiness flow unchecked from the eyes of their family and friends as the two make their way down the aisle. This is my why.

photo credit: Sabrina Greene Photoography

When the newly married couple shares their first dance and the world around them ceases to exist. The only two people in the room are them. They share an intimacy that seals them in from the outside. Their quiet words of love, their happy tears, and their little bursts of laughter as the music encases them leaving the audience in awe. This is my why.

photo credit: Sabrina Greene Photography

There is no comparison to the joy of a wedding day. The tears fill my own eyes as these tender, cherished memories unfold. I am both honored and humbled every single time I get the privilege of bringing these cherished memories to life. This is my “Why”.

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