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How to Combat the Wedding Day Jitters.  By Taynia Shoebotham

It's your Wedding Day!   The day you've been planning for your entire life.   You are super excited to be marrying the love of your life...but you are also an emotional, nauseous wreck.  You can't stop thinking about all those people starring at you.  You are worried about tripping on your dress, fumbling over your vows, or the misspelled word in the program that you are certain everyone will take note of.  First, let me say this,  No one will notice the word...and if they do...big deal, you're human and it's not like you haven't had a million other things to do. 

Now let's talk about those nerves...they're completely normal.   Don't let them derail the most wonderful day of your life.   "How do I do that?"  is probably what you are wondering right about now.   

Well, for starters,  You need to remember how you got to this point.   You are marrying the love of your life.  The person you've dreamed of.   Your greatest adventure.  Your best friend.   This person is equally in love with you and is eager to make you their wife.   Think of them.  When it's time to walk down the aisle,  trust me,  you two will be the only two people on the planet.   When your eyes meet for the first time, time will stand suspended and everyone in the room and beyond will simply fade away.  Look straight into their eyes and you will see the love they have for you shining back at you.   This is why your here.  This is the only thing that matters.  

Now,  what to do before you get to the aisle...get a good nights rest...or at least try to.  You also need to eat -something with protein and not too much sugar or salt.  You need to drink (not too much alcohol and plenty of water) and you need to relax.  Hang out with your girls.  Play your music.  Dance and have fun.   

Remember that things will inevitably go wrong but remember those are just things.  And in the broad scope of things, they are likely to not even matter.   All that matters is that, at the end of the day, you will be married to the person of your dreams, you will still be madly in love,  and, your friends and family were there celebrating you and your love.   

Now go get married.  Enjoy your day.  And remember what's really important: the love the two of you share. 

Happy Wedding Day!


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