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9 Pieces of Silverware,Some  Assembly Required, and a Few More Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planne

Why do I need a Wedding Planner…I’m crafty and mostly organized?

Just about the time that you’ve burnt your fingers for the third time while trying to hot glue those lovely vintage pearls to the beautiful, yet surprisingly (or not), uncooperative bits of lace, and your future mother-in-law is calling yet again to discuss the merits of dear Uncle Hubert providing the entertainment for the reception (you really can stand one more joke about the chicken crossing the road, right?), you remember (about 30 minutes too late) that you were supposed to be meeting your florist to discuss ranunculus versus gerbera daisies  in your bouquet.

Your fiancé is beginning to wonder not IF but WHEN your head starts spinning around (imagine Linda Blair in the Exorcist here) how he is going to calm you down. 

This is the time that you realize that you are in over your head and this whole DIY bride thing is way over-rated and that perhaps you need some help.  Some professional help from someone who knows what the heck you are supposed to do with all nine pieces of silver ware and five glasses per place setting…who knew you had five glasses…that’s right, I said five, for that formal evening meal of your dreams.

Here are a few reasons why you need a Wedding Planner:

  • A wedding planner can save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes.  Take for example the all-important budget (at least it should be the most important part of your planning process).  You do not want to be a spendthrift and blow your whole budget on that “must have” herd of llamas that would be “so darling” standing in front of your perfect barn venue. 

  • A wedding planner knows who’s who in the wedding industry.  They will be able to get you the most bang for your buck.  But wait, your fiancé’s  great Uncle Hubert tells jokes and plays the ukulele…and that is fine if that is your thing…but if it’s not…your wedding planner  is going to know the perfect DJ to bring your dream of a wonderfully fun party to life.

  • A wedding planner can negotiate with vendors on your behalf.  Imagine yourself reviewing your rental contract and noticing that they have included brass candelabras (yuck…so 1995) instead of the cast iron ones you love.  While brass candelabras may be perfect for some people, they are definitely not what you envisioned…here is where your wedding planner can step in and renegotiate the contract with the vendor to make sure everything you are paying for is included and at the best possible price.

  • A wedding planner will allow you to live a life…beyond your dining room table covered in invitations, save the date cards and the flood of RSVP’s that are blowing up your phone…your fiancé will thank you for this…he is hungry and you do have plans to meet friends after a while.

  • A wedding planner is the go-to person at the wedding… the day has finally arrived and you are about to go from Miss to Mrs. and the last thing you want on your wedding day is your vendors hunting you down for last minute clarification on where you want the crystal goblets placed.  Your job is to enjoy your day with your family and friends.  The wedding planner’s job is to field these and many more questions.

  • The schedule…where the heck is the schedule.  A wedding planner will see to it that the entire day comes off without a hitch…and sticks to the schedule…including the bridal party…now is not the time to be running late…they do have a very important date after all.

  • They make sure all your guests are taken care of…tears of joy will be gently wiped away and Great Aunt Myrtle will have an aisle seat because that is her preference “to not be boxed in”.

  • What about all this stuff???  The wedding planner can be responsible for breaking down, packing up, clearing up, and leaving the venue just as you found it at the end of the night.   She will arrange for vendor pickups of rental items.  She will make sure all of your gifts are safe and transported to a pre-designated location with a trusted friend or relative.

  • Layouts and seating arrangements…boring.  The wedding planner will handle these and more tedious logistics issues so that you can simply enjoy your day without worry as to whether or not you can seat 6 people or 8 at a 5 foot round table.

  • Where there is a will there is a way…especially if there is a wedding planner on board.  In the event that your photographer has a sudden case of chicken pox, the wedding planner is going to have a few back-ups in her “emergency kit” for just this problem and, while the photographer may not be your first choice, he will definitely come through with beautiful photographs of your unforgettable day.

  • Your dream Wonderland themed wedding need not be out of reach because no one can see this vision of the perfect day quite like you can.  A wedding planner can help your dreams come true and bring your vision to reality…white rabbit and all.

  • Timeline…when did we get so worried about timelines…well when you started planning the wedding of your dreams.  The perfect wedding cannot be pulled off in a week…well I suppose a semi-perfect one can, but will it be the wedding of your dreams?  Probably not.  Timelines are important because it allows for adequate time to make it all happen.   Wedding planners will set up a timeline and keep you and your fiancé in the know about how and when important things are supposed to take place.  You don’t want to wait until 3 weeks before your big day to try to book the string quartet that played “Für Elise” so beautifully last fall at your cousin’s wedding because, chances are, they will already be booked.

  • This is the day you’ve been dreaming about since you watched Disney’s  The Little Mermaid sail away with her prince all those years ago.  You only get one chance for this day to be perfect.  There are no do-overs.  Having a professional on hand to make sure everything goes according to your well-rehearsed imaginings is the way to make sure all your wedding dreams come true.

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