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February 19, 2018



February 19, 2018

Wedding Budget Worksheet

One of the first things you should do after you say yes and are beginning to plan your special day is to establish your budget.  Here is a helpful worksheet to help you get started. 

February 19, 2018

Insure that Ring!

Jewelry Insurance should be one of your first purchases after you say yes.  The last thing you want is for your beautiful, most valued possession to get lost, stolen or damaged but sometimes, the unthinkable happens and you should be prepared. 


Questions you should ask before purchasing your policy:

  • Is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally—or only if it's stolen?

  • How will the company replace the ring? With a check? Will they require you to purchase a replacement through a specified jeweler?

  • What if it's a vintage ring or other unique piece? How will the quality and size of your diamond—and that of a replacement if needed—be documented?

  • Is the ring insured to full cost or a fraction of it?

  • How will you need to prove the ring vanished if you make a claim?

  • Are there any circumstances of loss or damage that aren't covered? (like flying off your hand while you are spinning around on the Tilt-A-Whirl at your favorite fall carnival)

How much does insurance?

On average, jewelry insurance typically costs  $1-$2 per $100 in value, so if your ring costs $5000, insurance will be about $50-$100 per year.  Insurance costs can be kept low if you store your ring in a safe when its not being worn.  Be sure to keep all paperwork including appraisals that come with the ring in order to make replacing it easier.  


Here is a helpful link to help you get started finding the insurance policy that best suits your needs. 

(Something Like a Dream is not endorsing any of these products, they are merely suggestions for a place to start.  

November 19, 2017

Set of Planning Binder Dividers

HeyYa'll!  Here is another freebie!  Get a set of blue wedding planning binder divider pages!  And, be on the lookout for more colors coming soon!

November 18, 2017

12 Month Wedding Planning Calendar in Blue

If ya'll are anything like me, you need a checklist to get things done.  I know that when planning a wedding, a checklist is an ideal way to make sure that the important things don't get missed.  Here is a free, 12-Month Wedding Planning Calendar to help you stay on track. 

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